Workouts & Motivation

Hello Again!

Since I updated for weekly eats, I thought I should pop in again and update for weekly fitness. This will be short and sweet!

I always work out at home and I’m one who loves to follow workout videos, so that is what my fitness this week mainly comprised of, especially because Kansas decided to be quite cold this week! My all time favorite videos come from Jessica Smith TV on YouTube (although I can definitely be caught browsing her site too).

Sunday: Waistline Work and Best Inner Thigh Exercises Ever from JessicaSmithTV = 30 minutes

Monday: LAZY and remember I ate ALL THE CHEETOES

Tuesday: I worked super late and decided to use that as an excuse to be super lame

Wednesday: I went for a chilly run! I always dread running, but am trying to get back into it and always enjoy it as soon as I get my butt out there! I did about 2.25 miles running all but about .3 of it. I really wanted to make my legs jelly so I did 40 walking lunges before going inside where I did 100 crunches on the ball and lots of stretching. = about 45 minutes

Thursday: 12-minute Indoor Power Walk, 15-minute Kettle Ball Inspired Workout and the 6 minute Arms workout all from Jessica Smith again!  =30 minutes (with a bit of stretching added on)

Friday: I’m feeling as though I’m coming down with a cold. So I did a slow 20 minutes of flowing yoga with this video.

Tomorrow we are doing Friendsgiving and I’m getting my hair cut!  I hope to go on a run to kick off the day as the temperatures are supposed to be a bit milder.

To leave you:

#HolidaySweat starts next week! I can’t wait! -Caitlin-


Food this Week: Good, Bad, & Ugly

I had really intended to post a food and workout post at the end of everyday. The goal for this after all was to keep me accountable, but work and motivation got the best of me for sure. And that is an excuse. One of my planner goals this week became: Don’t be a bum after work.  I did ok on that on the whole, unfortunately I did not making getting the blog rolling a priority. So here goes, a round up of food that I consumed.

I usually do a pretty good job during the day.  My mornings always start off with a yummy cup of coffee and creamer or agave+almond milk. (isn’t that mug adorable!)

coffee 11_17_14

I usually drink my coffee as I am putting on my makeup, doing my hair and getting dressed. I’ll eat my breakfast either on the car ride into work or at my desk as I’m getting my plans ready for the day.  Here was my typical breakfast:

BreakfastMy lunches this week ranged from salads to this yummy casserole from one of my favorite blogs Iowa Girl Eats paired with veggies (green beans, carrots and peas).


My lunches were great and healthy. I felt like I got quite a few veggie servings in.  The problem always lies when I get home. On Monday, I totally came home and ate ALL THE CHEETOES. We just cannot have them in the house because I clearly have no self-control.  (note to self, when you see the extra hot flamin’ hot cheetoes, do NOT put them in the cart even if you think the husband will eat most of them, because he won’t).

Also, I of course forgot to photograph dinners and to be honest, they were pretty uninspired. I made the Salsa Verde Casserole on Tuesday, but that was about it.

All in all, I’m very glad that Friday’s work day has come to a close and I am finally updated you all on my week. If you have any ideas of how to not be a bum after work, please let me know!  -Caitlin-

Keep Me Accountable!


I’m exciting to start a new journey here today.  I like so many people have struggled in their 20’s to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well and keeping fit. In graduate school, I was down to my lowest weight. I was working out close to 90 minutes a day and I was eating like a single girl on a budget does.  But as I left graduate school, started working a full time demanding job (teaching high school) and settled into a wonderful relationship and new marriage, I am finding it harder and harder to be healthy.  It’s so easy to come home after a challenging day with students and just flop on the couch where I can remain for hours. It’s so easy to open up that bottle of wine, eat through that bag of pita chips, go back for seconds on that delicious meal and then of course eat all the desserts! So it turns out all these things really add up to pounds and sluggishness. It really hit me when I looked at my wedding pictures that were taken about a month ago and all I can think is “man, my arms look really fat” or “look at the beginning of that double chin”.  This is not how I wanted to feel about my wedding pictures.

SO…I keep saying that I’m going to get fit again. I keep saying I’m going to watch my portions. Well I’m saying it again today. Today I am using this blog to become accountable and stay accountable. I am going to record my daily eats and workouts. I’m going to report any advice that I have or have discovered and I’ll share any fun things that happen along the way.

We all must start somewhere and sometimes it takes starting again and again for it to finally stick.  Here’s to a shift to a healthier lifestyle!

I have also signed up for the Holiday Sweat Challenge with runtothefinish and sweatguru so I’ll report on my daily progress with that as well.

Here are my goals as I get started:

  • Drink at least 70 ounces of water daily
  • Eat at least 5 servings of fruits & veggies daily (7-9 is better!)
  • Watch my portion sizes (especially when it comes to sugar & snacks)
  • Do a plank every day
  • Workout for 30 minutes everyday. Alternate strength training, cardio, yoga/pilates, and barre.
  • Run a 5k on New Years Day

Thanks for keeping me accountable!  ~Caitlin