Food this Week: Good, Bad, & Ugly

I had really intended to post a food and workout post at the end of everyday. The goal for this after all was to keep me accountable, but work and motivation got the best of me for sure. And that is an excuse. One of my planner goals this week became: Don’t be a bum after work.  I did ok on that on the whole, unfortunately I did not making getting the blog rolling a priority. So here goes, a round up of food that I consumed.

I usually do a pretty good job during the day.  My mornings always start off with a yummy cup of coffee and creamer or agave+almond milk. (isn’t that mug adorable!)

coffee 11_17_14

I usually drink my coffee as I am putting on my makeup, doing my hair and getting dressed. I’ll eat my breakfast either on the car ride into work or at my desk as I’m getting my plans ready for the day.  Here was my typical breakfast:

BreakfastMy lunches this week ranged from salads to this yummy casserole from one of my favorite blogs Iowa Girl Eats paired with veggies (green beans, carrots and peas).


My lunches were great and healthy. I felt like I got quite a few veggie servings in.  The problem always lies when I get home. On Monday, I totally came home and ate ALL THE CHEETOES. We just cannot have them in the house because I clearly have no self-control.  (note to self, when you see the extra hot flamin’ hot cheetoes, do NOT put them in the cart even if you think the husband will eat most of them, because he won’t).

Also, I of course forgot to photograph dinners and to be honest, they were pretty uninspired. I made the Salsa Verde Casserole on Tuesday, but that was about it.

All in all, I’m very glad that Friday’s work day has come to a close and I am finally updated you all on my week. If you have any ideas of how to not be a bum after work, please let me know!  -Caitlin-


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